Computer Centered Department


Er.Harjit Singh

CONTACT NO. : +91 9872929013, +91 7888410144

Server Room

The Main assignments and activities of this centralized facility are to:

  • Provide, manage and ensure the satisfactory operation of joint computer and software facilities for the students and departments.
  • Provide technical assistance to various users.
  • Provide computer facilities for the institute administration.

The campus-wide Networking consisting of Academic Zone and Hostel Zone with fiber optics (single mode) as backbone. Managed Layer 2/3 Switches are installed. The commissioning of this CWN has been done for 2250 nodes. The Campus, Girls and Boys Mega Hostel has been put on Wi-Fi.

Two Leased Line caters for the Internet facility of the institute, The ISPs being, BSNL (500 Mbps) and Reliance (500 Mbps).

For the Computational Services Centre has High-End Computational Servers on which accounts are given to students, staff and faculty of the Departments and Centre's in the campus. The Campus Network connects to Departments and Centre. Network Connectivity is also provided to the remote locations, which include both boys and girls Hostels. Computer Centre manages and administers the Internet links and the internet services such as electronic mail, World Wide Web, DNS, FTP and other services. A UTM has been installed for authenticity and managing users connectivity to the internet services. Computer Centre has created the facility of video conferencing for the students, faculty and staff members.

Center provides various advanced and special purpose software such as Oracle 10g, NMS etc for all the campus users. Centre also provides computer and network facilities to various festivals, events and seminars held at Institute lecture theatre and at department and centres. Computer Centre also manages the centralised Biometric attendance system and CCTV Surveillance System.

Hardware and Software

To strengthen the data centre capabilities 12 Cisco Blade Servers and 20 TB SAN Storage has been procured by the institute.

The various software, catering to the needs of the students such as CREO, Automation Studio, Abaqus FEA, Visual Basic, .Net, Visual C++, C++, Prolog, Ms Office etc are installed on the machines. 150 Nos. 64-bit machines, 50 P V Duo Core and other infrastructure such as printers and scanners constitute to the students need.